The total satisfaction of our Customers, the Continuous Improvement, the Accuracy and Professionalism in our daily tasks constitutes the principles of all our activities.

JetBase Policy integrates its commitment to Quality, Mission, Vision, Organization Values and the principles before mentioned.

Our commitment is formalized in the following Quality Policy established by the General Direction:


  • To ensure compliance with the Legal requirements, Clients and Partners requirements in order to guarantee the permanent satisfaction of its needs and expectations;
  • To develop management methods tailored to the new technologies, trends and market challenges which allow developing competitive advantages and to ensure JetBase financial and economic sustainability.
  • To guarantee the correct functioning of the Management System (MS)
  • implemented based on the NP EN ISO 9001 standard bearing in mind the continually improving of its effectiveness.
  • To promote the commitment of all employees in the continuous improvement of the management system, processes, services and products provided.
  • To perform safely and with accuracy our daily tasks in an inspiring working environment that promotes the team spirit, open communication and the ambition to be better;
  • To promote the training, the qualification and motivation of all employees in order to develop a team highly qualified that express the maximum trust and credibility to those who request our products and services.