Safety is the number one priority for everyone involved in the aviation industry.

Sky Valet Portugal have a Safety Policy that refers the committed to perform its activity under the highest level of safety standards in order to provide a safe environment to all employees, clients and general public.

Senior management and all employees are aware of each one responsibility regarding safety procedures on the duty of its activities always considering Safety as a primary responsibility.

Our services address the demands of our customers and seasonal and local specificities of our activity.


  • To ensure the safety policy is relevant to the scope and complexity of the organization’s operation being assessed;
  • To comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements in regards to Safety processes and procedures;
  • To ensure that all employees are properly trained, skilled and provided with appropriate and adequate aviation safety information to implement Safety processes and procedures;
  • To provide the necessary and appropriate resources and equipment’s in a proper state of maintenance to everyone involved in the operation to ensure a safe operation;
  • To encourage all employees to identify and report all safety hazards and managing the associated risks specific to the company´s operations in order to promote a Safety Culture;
  • To ensure that no action will be taken against any employee who reports a safety issue through Sky Valet Portugal hazard reporting system, unless such issues report an illegal act or deliberate disrespect of regulations;
  • To continually improve our safety performance through the management of our safety processes that ensure that pertinent safety action is taken and is effective;
  • To ensure that externally supplied systems and services to support our operations are delivered according to our safety performance standards.

We encourage everyone to report any and every incident involving the safety of personnel, equipment and infrastructures.

If you have an incident to report, or would like to make any suggestions to improve existing procedures, please kindly fill in our Safety Report.

Or, if preferred, contact us at

*Confidentiality will be preserved but if you require a follow up on your report please indicate this in “reporter name”.

We really appreciate your report.

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